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Welcome to a new era of computer science and computer engineering.

Opening in spring 2025 in Alexandria, Virginia, the Virginia Tech Innovation Campus is a place where you can gain hands-on experience working with industry and government to tackle real problems, accelerate your impact, and supercharge your career from day one. Because change doesn’t happen in a silo, we’re intentionally building the foundation for the future from one of the most inclusive and connected tech communities in the country.

Welcome to the National Nexus

Built at the nexus of academia, industry, and government, the Virginia Tech Innovation Campus equips students to solve urgent challenges, alongside leading researchers, industry executives, and national policymakers. With open access to an inclusive tech ecosystem at the doorstep of industry giants, and just a few miles from the Nation’s capital, our Alexandria, Virginia, campus gives students the tools to drive change and jumpstart their careers. Learn more about our state-of-the-art campus opening in spring 2025!

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Built for Diversity

The Virginia Tech Innovation Campus has set the goal to become the most diverse graduate technology campus in the country. Guided by shared values and service to society at large, we are building a more equitable industry from the ground up.

Speed to Impact

We immerse our students in real-world problems to be solved from day one. At the Virginia Tech Innovation Campus, we’ve created an environment for resilience where students can take risks, learn from the best, and build the skills to be leaders—all while influencing tangible change and creating value for their careers, even before a degree is in hand.

Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering or Computer Science

This professional, industry-connected degree will provide students with a deep technical base while expanding their professional skills and preparing them to assume leadership roles in the industry. Find out more about scholarships and our one-year Master of Engineering option.